Next Level Baseball Development

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Comprehensive program design for baseball players who want to compete at the Next Level. Each individual undergoes an athletic performance assessment and receives a progressive training program. Programs include a dynamic warm up, injury prevention and corrective exercises, strength and speed training, sport related conditioning, and conclude with post work out stretching routines catered to the individual’s needs.

The first week focuses heavily on instruction of exercise form and purpose, followed by the athlete taking initiative in a supervised small group training environment. Hours of this program are Monday through Thursday 2-5 p.m. The athlete will be programmed for  2 or 3 days per week, depending on the time of year in respect to the baseball season. 


Youth Athletic Development

$100 Per Month

Ideal for the young athlete looking to gain an edge on their competition. Each individual undergoes a modified athletic performance assessment and receives a personalized program.  Program design focuses on motor skill and athletic development featuring plenty of crawling variations, plyometrics, coordination, balance, and strength building exercies in a small group setting.

Hours of this program are Monday through Friday 2-6 p.m. with a commitment to a 1 hour time slot, three times per week. 

Titleist Functional Movement Assessment

$125 Per Assessment

A golf specific movement assessment and video swing analysis to pin point weaknesses in your golf swing as they relate to functional movement. Following the assessment will be a consultation that includes review of the videoed swing analysis as well as a corrective exercise program to guarantee an improvement in your golf game.